Know us

Green Lounge emerged in 2010 with “design at the heart of its offering.” Prior to this, the design firm operated under the personal names of its founders, Srushti and Mahesh Chitnis, starting in 1998. Over the course of its remarkable 18-year journey, the firm has encountered both successes and challenges, consistently learning, evolving, and adapting.

The name “Green Lounge” was chosen to embody various unique design principles united under an environmental ethos. The firm currently offers services encompassing architecture, interiors, landscape, and environmental design, with plans to expand into additional domains such as graphic design, internet media, and more.

Our unwavering passion and commitment lie in crafting solutions that are not only well-informed and purposeful but also irresistibly compelling. Each project we undertake is perceived as a challenge—an opportunity to bring substantial value, infuse aesthetic appeal, enhance functionality, and deliver exceptional performance to our valued clients.